Why Choose Us?


You know what you need—an informed, long-term strategy. But like most senior management, you probably spend most of your time reacting to urgent short-term issues. What if you could find a mentor to help you set strategic objectives and plan the actions necessary to achieve them? Someone with nothing to sell and no ego at stake. Someone with loyalty, integrity, and a genuine desire to serve.


At ATP Partners, those values infuse everything we do. We believe that with the proper focus and skill sets, every company can increase the possibility of success! We provide small to mid-sized companies an immediate executive presence to help with sales, operations, strategic planning, and/or financial strategy and management. When you team up with ATP Partners, you are engaging a very senior executive as well as a high-level accounting expert with experience across multiple industries and throughout the business life cycle.


Rick Shaff has successfully developed solutions for a wide range of issues, such as growth and market expansion, cash flow and resource management, process improvement, company relocations, start-up challenges, and finding the right staff.


Sandy Shaff provides immediate relief for outsourcing needs by quickly ramping up in all functional areas of accounting and finance.  Her analytical approach and focus on process improvement has led to developing solutions in critical areas, such as collections and inventory. 


Any competent executive can help you set operational and financial goals and measure progress by the numbers. But to us, the path we travel together to reach those outcomes is even more important. Our relationships are built on trust, respect, and living by the golden rule—a commitment that pays off on the bottom line, the top line, and every line in between.