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Rick Shaff

·      Saved a client over $2 million in just one month by identifying process improvements.

·      Identified and implemented new resource allocations for a client that resulted in an additional $1 million in annual revenue.

·      Identified and implemented a distribution channel for a client in just one month.

I’m proud of these accomplishments and many others from my 25 years as a senior executive, but they’re not who I am. I believe the most important characteristics a person can possess are loyalty and integrity. With those core values at the foundation of everything I do, my job is quite simply to serve—my clients, my family, my community, and my country.

I’ve learned many lessons I can apply to help you analyze your business challenges, but they can be boiled down to one simple phrase: “Every problem has a solution.” No two companies are ever the same, but they all face the challenges of lean times, limited working capital, and a constantly changing economic picture.

I truly enjoy working with start-ups and small companies, especially during that phase of transitioning from a free-for-all culture to a professional one. Too often, great companies can get lost just at the point when they’re about to take off. I love helping to develop scalable business models that give companies the foundation they need to grow.

If you are searching for a trusted advisor to help your company reach the next level, I would love to have you contact me.



Sandy Shaff

“How can I help?” has always been my first question. I’ve worked with early-stage, scaling, and established companies to manage the complex accounting and finance issues that come with significant growth potential. I can help you get on track without you having to worry about hiring a permanent controller or senior accountant.  My diverse experience gives me the ability to add value quickly in any environment, but my core values of honesty, integrity and loyalty is what defines me.

My specialties include organizing company books, setting up cost projections, and strategic planning. I can also help you get a handle on your full-cycle accounting, inventory, pricing, financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting. 

If you are searching for trusted accountant to help with your company's financial needs, please contact me.


Sandy did consulting work for a company on whose Board I sat. Her output was accurate and timely, and she’s a pleasure to work with.
— Ed Robinson, President, Black Rock Systems, Inc.
Sandy was able to very quickly come in and add value. Her dedication and hard work allowed us to improve our collections, our cash position, and she helped us avert quite a few difficult situations during a period of dramatic growth and intense due-diligence information requirements.

In short, Sandy is a very bright, experienced, all-around solid team player. As important, she has excellent interpersonal skills and was able to build productive relationships with employees, vendors and customers.
— Scott Chamberlain, Chief Financial Officer at Adometry by Google