Trusted senior advisors

This is possible. 

These days, operating a business is more challenging than ever. Every aspect is in flux—from the competition to the market channels, from technology to the regulatory environment, from staffing to customer loyalty to cash flow. As a business owner or executive, you know that the path you took with confidence yesterday may turn rocky today and put you on the edge of a cliff tomorrow.

The truth is that you have some big questions to figure out, such as:

·      How do I grow my business?

·      How do I get my product to market?

·      How can I find new distribution channels?

·      How do I become more competitive?

·      How do I plan for the future despite all this uncertainty?


That’s where ATP Partners comes in.

Rick Shaff is a seasoned senior advisor and virtual CEO and COO who focuses on helping you evaluate the landscape, clear away the roadblocks, and create innovative ways of operating that are lean and can scale as your business grows.

Sandy Shaff is a senior accountant and controller who can speak your language and who takes on your accounting, compliance, bookkeeping, and inventory issues with meticulous attention to detail. She’s your resource for maximizing profits through a proper financial structure.

Together, we specialize in strategic planning, growth and sales strategies, and financial management. If you are searching for a trusted advisor to help your company reach the next level, please contact us now!